November 6, 2014 admin_jackrabbit


Hemlock Mulch: $45/yard

A finely ground mulch that is aged to a deep, rich burgundy color. Made from the finest hemlock, this seasoned mulch brings beautiful contrast to every garden or walkway.


Black Forest Mulch: $45/yard

A mixture of softwoods, including northern white cedar, is tinted with our black, environmentally safe colorant. This fine textured mulch provides a striking contrast to brightly colored flowers and gardens.


Dark Pine Bark: $40/yard

A blend of spruce and fir bark that is aged to a rich, dark brown. It’s one of our most popular mulches. With the wonderful spruce scent , this mulch compliments any garden or landscape. Dark Pine Spruce Bark Mulch is an all natural mulch with no colorant added.

Nantucket Blend: $45/yard

A superior mulch for improving any landscape. Manufactured from aged native Maine bark and earthlife™ compost, its dark color and rich texture are ideal for perennials, ornamentals, and around trees and shrubs.

Screened Loom: $32/yard




We’ll deliver anywhere in Milton for $25. For Outside of Milton please call us at 617.698.9564.